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Specialized VAT services

Studio Costanzo: VAT Consultancy

Studio Costanzo, based in Rome, with a strong focus on specialization of skills, has included in its professional services a new fiscal area dedicated to national and international Value Added Tax and the Tax Representative.

Studio Costanzo, with a team of specialized professionals having 30 years of experience, offers the following specialized VAT services both in Italian and in English:

  1. Tax Representative / VAT identification for foreign taxable persons not established in Italy;
  2. Tax representative for assistance in procedures for VAT refund in other EU countries;
  3. Advice and support on national and EU VAT-related issues and Tax Representative;
  4. Affixing of Conformity Visa for VAT returns.


Tax representative/VAT identifications for foreign taxable persons not established in Italy

Under specific conditions, foreign taxable persons, carrying out transactions subject to VAT in Italy, must be identified therein.

Many foreign operators working in Italy, even sporadically, do not pay attention to or simply underestimate the consequences of not registering and this leads to the non-refund of VAT in Italy and the application of penalties.

Also, domestic operators can be involved in the erroneous application of Italian Vat law by their foreign suppliers/customers and therefore they can suffer the consequences in terms of penalties and VAT deduction/refund.

Studio Costanzo can support its clients in assessing whether a transaction is subject to VAT and the best structuring of the same for tax and commercial purposes, as well as manage their VAT position with the Tax Representative (mandatory for residents in non-EU countries) or direct identification (residents in EU countries).

For both types (Tax Representative and direct identification), Studio Costanzo can open a VAT number, keep records, manage periodic and annual fulfilments, as well as proceed with a VAT refund claims.

Assistance in VAT refund procedures incurred in EU Countries

Value added tax incurred in other EU countries is not a cost for those who have a VAT number in Italy, as the tax incurred can be claimed for refund following an electronic procedure established by Article 38-bis1 of the VAT Law (EU Directive n.79/1072/CEE dated 16, December 1979)

Studio Costanzo, based in Rome, offers the following services:

  • Assessment of the right to VAT refund by examining the subjective position of the applicant and the objective nature of the reimbursable cost in the foreign country;
  • Preparation of VAT refund claim and its electronic transmission;
  • Management of relations with foreign tax authorities, up to obtaining VAT refund.


Advice and assistance for national and EU VAT-related issues

Value Added Tax is a neutral tax that, apart from specific situations, does not represent a cost for the taxpayer.

Studio Costanzo, based in Rome, can support its clients in the examination of VAT regulations with particular focus on international transactions.

For example:

  • Chain transactions with foreign parties;
  • Determination of the place of VAT taxation in internationals transactions;
  • Consultancy and strategic support in the VAT management of domestic groups (VAT group and/or group VAT payment);
  • Support on VAT management of separate accounts, with particular focus on real estate companies and the specific issues of VAT deduction/refund rights.


Affixing of Conformity Visa for VAT returns

VAT refund and offsetting of VAT credits follow a procedure established by VAT regulations and clarifications by the Financial Administration (Conformity Visa) that requires the intervention of specialized professionals with guarantees, including insurance guarantees, that protect taxpayer clients and the Financial Administration itself from any errors.

Studio Costanzo has a team of VAT experts who, in addition to correctly preparing the relevant return, know how to help taxpayers up to the achievement of VAT refund and/or offsetting of Vat credit.

Specialized VAT services: Studio Costanzo

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